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    I'm Omar

    Python Coder

    Machine Leanrning Intern

    Data Scientist Certified By Datacamp

About Me

I'm Omar Faruk.

Python programmer.

I also introduce myself as a "Learner"

The main reason I love Python is, It is used in Machine Learning branch in programming. Most of the popular library for Machine learning & Data Science are written in Python. As a tech-lover, I believe in future we will sure see Robot waling here & there and I know Python will be there! Python is full of excitement!

The way I see programming: it's "Syntactic Sugar". In Javascript ES6 when the "Class" system was introduced, since then it is "Syntactic Sugar" in the JavaScript community. I heard many top Javascript programmers use this term. Because it creates an object under the hood, it doesn't create a class as other programming language does.

I see the programming itself is a "Syntactic Sugar". The whole syntax is overcoat there. The concept, thinking in the human mind is the key point here, You can disagree with me. But, I think this way, at least I feel better with it.

In real life, You must have noticed that when you do a task second time, it's become easier than the first time. Because, when you have done that first time, you just haven't done that, you also have programmed your brain "how to do that". So, it becomes easier next time. This is the thing I said before.


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